How to handle runtime error 1004 in vba

WorksheetFunction Dim ws As Worksheet: Set ws. A few issues: With Range( " 034" ) should not have the asterisks around it ( don' t know if you put them there for the purpose of this question? ) The O is actually a zero - change it to O; It' s always a good idea to prefix a range with. There is a way to skip the errors inside the code and go on with the loop anyway, hope it helps: Sub new1( ) Dim wsFunc As WorksheetFunction: Set wsFunc = Application. Clear ' Prevent Error by specifying that the user must use an excel file. Add " Excel files", " *. xlsm" End With If. set the file- type( s) 3. gracefully handle cancellations. share| improve this. For example, an error occurs if your code attempts to divide a value by zero. If you have not implemented error handling, Visual Basic halts execution and displays an error message when an error occurs in your code.

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    Handle runtime error

    Once your code encounters this statement, it will jump to label: if an error occurs. It is useful if you need to do some error handling - especially if there are multiple places where things can go wrong but they always result in the. There is nothing wrong with your code. You will only get this error if the Active worksheet is password protected. Also it is a much better option to avoid using. Select and ActiveSheet. Your code can be written as. Sub DuplicateRemove( ) Dim. Public Sub Run_ Split( ) On Error GoTo ErrHandler ' Call Private Subs Exit Sub ErrHandler: MsgBox " User. your help as allowed me to be somewhat self taught in VBA and I was able to solve this without asking for assistance. Go to Tools- > Options- > and on the General tab change " Error Trapping" to " Break on Unhandled Errors". enter image description here.