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After I correct it, the post became successful. with Virtual Appliance 8. 3, I can' t connect to the OC. The error is : Error 400: SRVE0295E: Error reported: 400. There is an error in the web server log file, console. log : [ ERROR ] CWWKF0033E: The singleton w if in advanced Chrome rest client, with content- type as application/ json if I post the following request : [ " ids" : [ { " 1", " 2", " 3", " 4" } ], " languageCode" : " en_ US" ]. I get the following error: Error 400: SRVE0295E: Error reported: 400. When i click on save button, it should go to my controller method but instead of it is giving error. Tried searching but not able to resolve the issue. Request Mapping = " / qualification", method. Unable to copy RQM/ QM test artifacts from one PA to another PA Any inputs / suggestions? To serve static files like images, html, or javascript application needs to have file serving enabled. You can do it by editing ibm- web- ext. xml file in the WEB- INF folder, and ensuring that enable- file- serving is set to true. This technote provides a solution to the problem where you get a " SRVE0295E Error 400" message.

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    Reported srve error

    This occurs when importing a template from an IBM Rational Quality Manager project name containing the ampersand. Error 400: SRVE0295E occurs also when MVC cannot fill Form with values from HTML form. For example: class Form has primitive attribute int someCount; your HTML form has < input> to assign value to this. DOcuments are being sent as a base64string; IBM Websphare logs are showing 400 http server error for failed. Now I am suspecting the issue is on the Network side, but how to further more troubleshoot the 400 error in. I am using postman to send some json data to my spring rest controller to convert it to a java object but i am getting this error all the time, what.