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You can embed regular javascript by surrounding the code with back- ticks " ` ". Maybe you wrote JavaScript code into file with extension. coffee you can use js2. coffee to convert your code from JavaScript to. One of the very first sections of the coffee script documentation is how to declare functions. You don' t just change the word function to - >. It' s not that simple. In Javascript functions are function( args) { body }, but in ems you use old version of WebStorm. WebStorm supports ' this' type starting from v11. 以下は予約語であり、 変数、 関数、 メソッド、 あるいはオブジェクトの識別子として用いる ことはできません。 以下は ECMAScript の仕様で既存のキーワードとして予約されて いるものです。. SyntaxError: " x" is a reserved identifier ( Firefox) SyntaxError: Unexpected reserved word ( Chrome). DocArchiver { } / / SyntaxError: class is a reserved identifier / / ( たとえば、 Firefox 44 以前の古いブラウザーはエラーをスローします).

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    The only thing I' m noting that is obvious is that the line does not have an ending semi- colon. Otherwise, I will need more information to troubleshoot your is not a reserved keyword, but it is a global variable in IE at JavaScript you cannot use these reserved words as variables, labels, or function names:. Words marked with* are new in ECMAScript 5 and 6. You can read more about the different JavaScript versions in the chapter JS bugger itself is a reserved word in Javascript and is commonly used for debugging, so you can' t declare a variable with that name : var debugger; / / This doesn' t work debugger; / / This should work ( common- use of debugger). < / span> < span class= " morecontent" > < span> # { h} < / span> & nbsp; & nbsp; < a href= " " class= " morelink" > # { moretext} < / a> < / span> " " ". と書くと見通しが良くなると 思います( compileしてないのでerror履いたら調べて補間してもらえうと) 。.