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ReadCloser once ( with conts1, err : = ioutil. Body) ), you cannot ask another function to read it again ( or you will get the EOF error message). I saved this response body as string to. Without you showing how you' re doing it, I think the best answer is to show you how to do it. package main import ( " fmt" " log" " encoding/ json" ) func main( ) { j : = [ ] byte( ` { " response" : " 1", " number" : " 1234", " id" : null} ` ) data. package main import ( " fmt" " log" " encoding/ json" ) func main( ) { j : = [ ] byte( ` { " response" : " 1", " number" : " 1234", " id" : null} ` ) data : = AutoGenerated{ } err : = json. Unmarshal( j, & data) if err! Error( ) ) return } fmt. EOF { break } else if err! このようになります。 golang. org/ p/ YQgzP7KPp9. NewDecoderでjsonStremを読み取るDecoderを. 他には、 JSONのフォーマットになっていない場合にもエラーが返ってきます。. Decoder to deserialize a JSON payload, then you are probably signing up for unexpected outcomes. I have done this mistake myself many times.

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    Golang json error

    Name, and no error at all. EOF returned yet. This is now fixed in golang master branch and it most probably will get released in Go 1. The unexpected end of JSON input is the result of a syntax error in the JSON input ( likely a missing ", }, or ] ). The error does not depend on the type of the value that you are decoding to. I ran the code with the example JSON. 詳細 ファイルを tail しつつ、 1行毎に json が追記されるようフォーマットを decode したいと考えていた。. Decoder は一度末尾まで到達し EOF を検出すると 、 内部でエラーが発生したことを覚えているため、 その後デコードし. Using the latest version of Gin I sometimes Get EOF error too while doing ctx. Hi all, it' s just need to comment the code in BindWith method of context. go file, then it will not show two or more errors json structs, you can handle the error.

    I' m a green hand of golang, this question confused me a lot. agnivade changed the title from eof error of json. Unmarshal to encoding/ json: eof error of NewDecoder( ). Decode( ) should be same with Unmarshal( ) Issue # 25956 golang/ go # 230 · Sign up for. If you are trying to reach a JSON payload in Beego, you' ll want to call this. That returns a [ ] byte array of the sent payload. You can then pass it to a function like: var datapoint Datapoint json.